The Giant

to watch a man among men slowly losing his grasp
on the power that he once held easily
is painful to all who love him.
yet over the course of time that is all that is left to those
who do not pass too young across the veil of time.
as the distance becomes greater
to the strength that once was,
is it self pity or anger that is the only lingering emotion?
there is no difference, it doesn't matter.
the body withers away
no longer responding to the strong mind
that once kept time and age in check.
is it kinder when it is the mind that weakens first
leaving no memory, no sadness,
for what was but will never be again?
those who have that destiny seem content
even happy, once they have passed the point of memory.
to leave the intellectual essence intact
the mind always knowing the losses,
feeling the need for help
after having spent life as the force that is,
that is no longer
is a certain cruelty.
from the sidelines
all watch the giant,
not as big as he once was.
having always known this would come
never knowing how painful it would be.
there is still much joy here
for the giant to partake in.
many festivities where his presence would be honored.
too soon or too late, there will come a day
when he will choose to rest, to go home.
he will leave behind the pain of his memory,
the agony that his physical form has become.
he will find again all that he was
when he finally makes his way home.

as the giant moves slower
still anger in his gate
his frustration grows.
there is the decided lack of emotion
as he remembers more
what he used to be
living in the memory
of his great strength and wisdom.
tho those around him
will never call for his removal
nor wish his retrieval
he wonders where he belongs.
his place is assured
as long as he might wish it.
it is saved and safe
it is his without asking
without wondering.
always with respect
he is the head,
the leader,
the man among men he has always been.
none would usurp
none would rush
the process that has begun.
it is apparent
that he wonders about going home.
there will be an emptiness
when he does.

she has stood in his shadow
for so long,
forgetting she once cast a shadow.
as he stands much smaller
than he once did
she does not know how to stand at all
on her own.
she has lost any way
which once was hers
and remembers not
how to lead.
even to lead herself.
as sad as the giant's decline,
is hers.
maybe more so
as she has no reason for it
outside of her mind.

the power of the mind
is farther reaching
than the power of the body.
the giant
comes out of his cave sometimes
at least seeming to be
as he once was.
there is a beauty
in the anger and force of nature
in his response to his condition.
she seems not to remember
how to leave the cave
leave the shadow
and walk once more.
with no reason
other than strength within
willpower or choices
it appears she has created
a race to decline.
the mountains already weep
watching history,
be written.

left alone
to wander his castle
whilst his shadow is away
the giant speaks and is heard.
his words, weak and stumbling
where once they were strong and sure.
to mention the past
is too painful
to mention the future,
too unsure
so he lives in the present
as it is.
he won't say what is on his mind
though his thoughts are clear.
wouldn't be for him to say
that it all seems unfair
that this wasn't his plan or intent.
but life has a way of being what it is
and the giant accepts his fate
as best as he can.

with saddened eyes we witness
the continual decline
both in physical and mental,
wondering how much the measure
of the man that is and was
still fights over what is now.
the anger and frustration
becoming further the passive state
not acceptance as much as resignation.
the strong giant,
whom others leaned on,
who relished and relied on his great strength,
leans on others.
not understanding
the sadness of those who,
while glad to assist,
can't help but compare
the past to the present.
to see the painful decline
is to witness their own potential future.
the greatest gift of the giant
seems as a reminder to live everyday
knowing there is no guarantee
of what the future may bring.
to understand the limitations
of this fragile human shell,
watching still
even with breaking hearts.

ever downward,
to depths past the heights that once were,
it becomes hard to still see what had been.
finally, through whatever grace remained
the grip was released.
the giant now slumbers
finally able to find peace
and shed the weight
that his being had become.

goodbye my friend. be at peace.

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2010 by Marci Grossman"