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A Poem  Niagra Falls Beer Garden Karaoke (June 2005)  I am From     

A Poem (spring 2009) - by Prince Eric
A poem has something that rhymes
Something that rhymes with rhymes is chimes
some things climb the ladder of success
while others turn out to be a great big mess
some things are really funny
hey, doesn't funny rhyme with hunny?
as we come to the end I'd just like to say
good bye until another day.

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Niagra Falls Beer Garden Karaoke (June 2005) - by Prince Evan
It was almost a laser light show
I loved it and maybe said “whoa”
But let’s look farther back
‘cause that’s not the main track
and see how I got some minds blown.

Mom and I went to a beer garden,
I picked a karaoke song and then,
It was now my turn,
My thoughts could’ve churned,
And the music had started just when…

I knew that I was supposed to sing
So I grabbed the mic and did my thing,
The words flew on by
And so did my eye
And joy to some people I did bring.

Some asked if I was the one who sang,
But the light show was close to starting. Dang!
We ran fast as we could,
And found Eric and Dad. Good!
So we got there in time for the bang

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I am From (September 2009) - by Prince Evan
I am from video games,
from the tiny depths of zeros and ones,
the slightest move can affect the next save in
such a way that only a game designer can imagine.

I am from whisper games,
from lots of talking until someone decides to stop,
making up stories as we go along,
and known by the whole family.

I am from daydreaming,
from thinking about mental inertia,
going from writer’s block at the start to easy at the end,
or just not focusing in social studies.

I am from everything,
from the life that I live,
from places, people, and everything I’ve ever seen or done,
from the Jewish religion,
and in my next life,
I should and will know where I come from.

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