Some people are supposed to be immortal
to live beyond the toll of time on their being.
But young at heart doesn't keep the heart from aging
and strong in spirit must still respect the physical limits of life.
The time allowed for a physical connection is too short
yet love transcends time and space, surviving long past,
making death only a limited ending
and the connection to love endless and immortal.

When a body leaves their soul behind
So often people say
'I hope they find peace'
Or 'now they are at peace'.
It isn't always so.
Some already live in peace,
In their own imperfect perfection.
Embracing their quirks,
Appreciating their gifts,
Already connected to their depth.
These souls leave us behind with a different wish.
They leave us the lesson of peace during life.
The loss is no less, just different.
There is the emptiness of sorrow
The loss of a presence
And the sadness of goodbye.

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2006 by Marci Grossman"