Epic Poem - June 2012

Not sure why this trip feels so hugely big
Could it be because we're going to be driving like The Stig?
Last summer was northeast, so this summer we head west
It's a beautiful country so just seeing it is best.
I wish there was time (and money) with no end
Or if the laws of time and space we could at least a little bend
But instead we must travel in a linear way
And plan to keep moving as we've no time to stay.
But we'll see what we can, and over time as we have
Mark and I will have given the country to Riley and Ev.
We're actually planning some stops, because Adam R. recommended
And they're not off route so we've got time to spend.
So with luggage thrown in, and coolers all packed
Books on cd's on the van floor in a stack
We almost ready to begin a singular drive
It's the kind of trip that makes us glad we're alive.
The country awaits, with its glory to share
So excuse us please, we'll get out of your hair.
More poetry will share our adventures on the road
And when we're all done, our story will be told.

(820 miles)
(woke up in EST, went to bed in CST)
Sunday morning, Father's day, Mar wakes first as usually happens for travelin'
But it's just packing sandwiches and guys so it is an easy smooth sailin'
Our goal was the road, early and feeling fine
and we were on the road by 6:29
Mark dozed as Marci drove, that's what allows an early start
The boys were excited for the adventure so were glad that we embark'd
Miles passed quick and smooth, Michigan was soon a memory
Indiana was also passed and we were feeling pretty free
Around 9am, Mark was awakening for some breakfast in his seat
but the rest of us had that hours ago and were ready for something else to eat
Evan had his sammich, Riley his sandvich, too
Mar shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and just ate some food
Illinois had no traffic and only one toll did we pay
Though this would be a long drive it was a really good day.
I should take a moment to mention that meals become timed very oddly
When a full day is spent in a car and our language evolves quite modly.
A surprise for the guys was a Cranium daily calendar (with games)
They sang the Butter Building theme in harmony to celebrate the same.
Illinois was gone we were in Iowa now
All the flat farmland would have left us excited to see a cow.
But we had a stop planned so that we could never say we skipped out
The World's Largest Truckstop, definitely worth a shout.
It was larger on the inside than it even appeared from the road
Rather overwhelming to describe, so if your curious you just have to go.
2 18 wheelers were inside, being used as displays
On the big yellow one, Mark even go to play.
We looked at all the kitch and stretched our legs for a while
It was good to get out and the break made us smile
Filled our travel cups with ice, and our bellies with ice cream
Made our way back to the car to continue our traveling dream.
Still in Iowa, 2 hours further down the road, we had to make a stop as Adam R. had told
The High Life Lounge may have looked like a standard local bar
But they had lots of character and were worth adding extra miles on the car
Signs inside said they served no beer created after 1970
And Thursdays were crappy beer night, I expect the choices would be plenty
We started with the tater tots, rolled in bacon covered in cheese
They were listed on the menu with a picture of a tv!
Mark and Mar split a pizza burger, which they'd never had before
If the place were local we'd be regulars, would be no chore.
To reach the bar we had to leave the x-way and drive to Des Moines the city
Which redeemed our earlier thoughts of Iowa, of being flat and not too pretty
The city was clean and interesting, and there was quite a bit to see
But we don't have time on this trip to add much to our itinerary.
So back to the road we went, Road Warriors are what we are
And we put a lot more miles before getting out of the car.
Resting our heads in Nebraska, after getting a better state pic,
Getting a good nights sleep, after a day like this, not a trick.
Tomorrow we have a surprise in store for the boys, y'know
There is something they will really like at one place that we go.
We can't tell you, because they also see the poem
So you're gonna have to wait too, just like them!
"Head Games" on tv helps us rest our minds as we unwind from the trip we've done
Breakfast buffet will await us when we awaken when the new day's begun.

(735 miles - Monday)
(woke up in CST, went to bed in MST)
Daylight finds Mar and Riley awake and ready to get back on the road
Mark and Evan still snoring, not even close to starting the show
Finally we get moving, ok, it's barely 8am on the clock
but it's 9am at home, and our bodies don't know a tick from a tock.
That's something we'll have to deal with as we travel on down the line
As we go through different time zones, there's home, car, and local time.
Home is EST, where we live and what our bodies are used to
Local is when things open, and what meal the restaurant will serve on the menu
Car time is the oddest, because it can mean many different things
Depending on what's been reset as we drive, which makes it kind of freaking.
3 watches, a clock, 4 phones, and 2 GPS's all display
Various times that can change relative to each other throughout the day.
It makes it quite amusing, especially when we pass time lines
Our bodies think it's lunch, but we just crossed back to breakfast time!
The rest stops in Nebraska, and other states too, I believe
Are really kind of cool, offering more than just an opportunity to relieve.
They have covered open small brick structures, for a small group or family to use
Picnic table, garbage can, and grill, semi-private to shake off traveling blues.
There was even a fake wooden hydrant, so your dog might feel welcome to play
A woman came up to Mark to recommend skipping his tight muscles and cares away.
At a hidden rest stop in Colorado we stopped to stretch our legs a bit
Talked to fellow travelors, complaining about the 102 temp that had hit
So we picked up slushies to cool us as we continued on the road
The surprise for the boys coming quickly, of course they guessed before they were told.
We do different things when we travel, to pass the time and enjoy the company
We played iMAgiNiff for a while, acting pretty silly.
Onward and upward to Leadville, for the planned dinner stop
Dropped in to pick up supplies at the local grocery shop.
10,200 feet altitude does funny things to pretzels in bags
High altitude means low air pressure and that bag was too full of pressure to sag
The dinner, no longer a surprise, that the boys had already guessed
Was High Mountain Pie pizza who were appreciated by the Michigan tourists.
We played the Cranium calendar, during dinner enjoying our break from the trip
It is so good to get away from the regular life, gives my energy a really big lift.
Back to car to continue, our long spun driving journey
2 books down on CD, Thank you Anne McCaffrey.
Owl City CD is playing and we all sing along
Even louder when we actually know the words to the song.
Driving through Colorado is beautiful, and we enjoyed the scenery
We loved looking at the mountains, the streams, and the greenery.
But those things that make it beautiful means the driver can't enjoy the view
The serpantine switchbacks down US 160 meant I had a lot to do.
There must have been a bicycle race or tour going on, we passed bike after bike going by
Followed closely behind by the car with their spare parts inside
We've made it to our hotel, and have checked in for the night
So now we're going to sleep, to restore energy for tomorrow's sights.

(451 miles - Tuesday)
(woke up in MST, went to bed in PST)
Waking up was slow, though not late considering we're on vacation
Then again our bodies are never sure the time let alone what state we're in.
We packed well for this kind of trip, an overnight bag we repack from the car
So we're not dragging big bags around, for planning this part we get a star.
Took off around 9am, headed first to Four Corners Monument
Though whether it's technically 4 states meetings still has some arguments.
So we've decided to also spend the time to get actual state sign pictures too
What the heck, we're already here and in the car, so what else would we do?
But first we had to figure out why the cars stopped, no movement is a pain
When finally we got there we saw the rockslide that had blocked some lanes.
One lane open and well monitored had the traffice directed and organized
And eventually we got through with the other cars on our side.
Found the sign for New Mexico and took our picture beside it
Had Evan do his first trip driving, New Mexico and Colorado, what pride!
Onto Four Corners we drove, following signs it was rather easy
It wasn't very busy, and the weather wasn't very breezy.
We wandered a bit to see the plaques the monument had on display
Then went over to the actual on the ground 4 corners place
It was very cool to be in 4 states at one time
We took a bunch of pictures, c'mon that's not a crime.
We got a sno cone for the boys and a fry bread for us to share
And wandered back to the car without a single care.
Something I should mention, in case you're ever in the 'hood
This place is starkly beautiful, and the beauty here is good
It is nature as it should be, there is not a mall parade
But there aren't many places to stop, you can go hours seeing very little man made.
"If it wasn't for the beauty it would be like driving through Iowa," Evan said
But there's a big difference between open Arizona and managed farmland in my head.
Had to drive for a while to find a good sign of Utah for a pic
Never found a "Welcome To" sign so "Red Mesa House Utah" pic will stick.
We're headed now for Sedona, continually appreciating the views we see
Still amazed how open and uncluttered a southwestern landscape can be.
We periodically have driven through state parks and forests through our travels
Out here in the southwest it just seems there are more of them, we're continually on a trail.
Sedona was a side trip, our goal is Flagstaff for tomorrow's Grand Canyon
But so many have claimed of it's beauty and we didn't want to miss out on the fun.
Sedona is truly beautiful, as is the drive to get there
A little treacherous driving, switchbacks down Oak Creek Canyon requires some care
Mar decided to take a view break and she and Evan crossed the street to take a look
Good thing they did or they might have missed out on a climb and site that could very well hook.
"Hey What's his face! Get in the car!" we frequently would choose to yell
Because someone, never the same, was always slower moving than a snail.
And much like being a rotten egg, no one wanted to be "what's his face"
So it turned reboarding the car into something closer to a race.
Even knowing as I drive down Mark will be driving them up when we're done
So we'll only stay for a while so that he will still have plenty of sun.
Of course the first thing we see is a guy in Epic Meal Time T-shirt and so
He appreciates our recognition of what is one of his favorite shows.
We wander the cute little city, seeing things both touristy and local
And get some ice cream as promised while admiring the sites quite vocal
Back up the mountain we go, to get to Flagstaff for the night
After some long days of driving, hotel beds are always a welcome site.

(429 miles - Wednesday)
(woke up in PST, went to bed in PST)
Arose to one of our shortest driving days
Glad to get started and jumped in the fray.
Loaded the car, packed up with plenty of ice
Glad to be moving, the day was beautiful and nice.
Headed to the Grand Canyon, bushy tailed and alert
No rain in the sky, not even a squirt.
First we reach reservation land, and a couple of beautiful sites
Every mile or so were craft booths, seems odd, but alright
Then the entry to the National Park, paid the 'ranger' at the gate
And the views just got bigger, going past grand to beyond great.
If you've never seen the Grand Canyon then you won't truly understand why
I feel all my words can't begin to describe.
I've never had a fear of heights that I know
But after seeing the Grand Canyon I might now have vertigo.
We took a short walk on the Rim path with the masses
But did not even consider riding down on the asses.
Back on the road, enjoying the view riding out of the park
Soon enough we were seeing the tundra, this trip was no little lark.
This country is huge, I can't begin to explain
Until you spend time on the road it may seem a meaningless refrain
But hours and hours of road, mountains, no houses, few stops to rest
You begin to comprehend the magnitude of the vastness
It's beautify is magnificent, as mountains change shape, texture, surrounds and hues
But eventually Arizona would just be in our past to review.
The sites around us began to change
First subtle, then we noticed that it was very different, yet parts the same
We were approaching Nevada, and the crossing we quite unique
The Border was on the Hoover Dam, made the sign difficult to seek.
Hoover Dam is explicable, unlike our previous stop
A huge, half of a bowl with a very steep drop
Of course, with its purpose, it was very hard to make
So its place as a wonder of the world isn't at stake.
After a bridge and in a lot, we paid the toll man
And then he told us that go inside certain areas we can't.
We didn't care, we just got to said bowl
And what happened next, no one could have told
Lo and behold, the dam's on a state line
We took pictures, E and R said it worked fine.
Leaving the dam, though, a welcome surprise
An ACTUAL state sign, we couldn't believe our eyes!
We got out and took the picture, happy to get the hoped for pic
(Though we would have been fine with what we had, sometimes the rules are kinda slick)
Mar was slowest walking back, though the distance wasn't far,
They finally got me as they shouted, "What's her name, get back in the car!"
Now the final leg to Las Vegas, distance said it was close by
We figured the strip would be easy to find, I didn't think it was a lie
But the GPS couldn't find things, and it left us to wander alone
My cousin Lori rescued us, and led us to my Aunt Joyce's home
She fed us snacks, and must love us, because there was even 12 layer jello
Then cousin Wendy led us to our hotel, wonderful beds and even better pillows!
As Marci and Riley settled into the room Mark and Evan took a side trip
To see the world famous Las Vegas strip lights go blink blip, blip
They saw Circus Circus, Trump Tower, Flamingo, to name a few.
Evan faintly hummed, fittingly, Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2.
They parked at the Bellagio to see the flowers and the water show.
Then they were tired so back to the room they go
To join the two not yet snoring, so all could say 'goodnight'
The nicest room yet, and they all slept tight.

(547 miles, Thursday)
(woke up in PST, went to bed in PST)
Mar was up first and went down to check out the casino
Big spender that she is, she came up $2 low
Penny slots may never lose a big amount, pure math, not a fancy trick
but you don't win much either, and Mark walked away up $.96
The guys were up then and ready to have some fun before we went
So into swimsuits we got, the nicest pool was heaven sent
Showers and pack up the room and then hit the breakfast buffet
Maybe do a little walking and then get back on our way.
First 7-eleven slushies of the trip, our refillable cups have been used in many states
It makes them part of the fun, and leaves less garbage in our wake
As we left out of town we looked for the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
But we were on the wrong road and missed it, but we had felt welcome there just fine.
On the road a little while when we saw that we were entering California
Gotta tell you, love them bikers, all 4 of us made the roadsign picture, oh yeah.
Got to Hollywood and the streets were paved with cars
We were moving very slowly and we weren't going very far
Found a lot to park in and got it was underground valet
Gave them the car keys, grabbed our stuff, and up to Hollywood Boulevard to play
We weren't far from Grauman's so we looked for names we knew
The boys were excited to see Chuck Norris and Mark looked for the Star Trek crew.
Mar wanted to see the iconic sign up in the hills so high
So we got an idea of location and started what we thought would be an easy drive.
The neighborhoods got tighter and tighter, each street was more narrow than the prior
Finally zig zagging our way to the top we found the sign that said "drive no more"
Tourists weren't welcome at all, in the private neighborhood at the top
Wish the sign had been posted way earlier, we would have been willing to stop
So now we worked our way downward, hoping somewhere to find a good pic
Mar hanging out the passenger window, doing the tourist schtick.
We got the picture of our dreams, or at least as good as we could
And got back on the road for the drive, just as we knew we should.
When we stopped for gas a young guy, looking quite a little weary
asked for money or some gas, he had a little can and was bleary
So we put a few dollars of gas into the can and felt pretty good
After he left a station attendent said that was nice but not what we should
That the guy came there rather often and always asked for a little gas
That doesn't mean he didn't need it though, and we're not rich but we could afford the cash
Then the attendant said he wanted me to know, since he know he had seen me there before
Mark and I caught eyes and glances and said defintely not for sure
We pointed our our license plate and said it was our first day in the state
The guy was quite embarrassed though we said our proper thanks
As we pulled out of the station, in the announcered voice and tones, ay?
Riley said "someone is approaching. please stop. it is John Quenones."
Of course it wasn't true but it doesn't make it any less funny,
And that, in and of itself made it worth 2 bucks of money.
Still so many more miles to go today before we rest our weary heads
As the winds got very gusty we found a hotel and went to bed
Tomorrow's a road warrior day, many miles in a car
That will probably make a short entry, but adventure's never very far.
Fun things happen in the car and at gas stations
Just remember someone's always watching and they just might pay attention.

(638 miles, Friday)
(woke up in PST, went to bed in PST)
Woke up to a gray and chilly morning but we don't mind
There's still a drive to do, and weather in the car is fine
Very little construction on our route today, so projected time was right on track
Hanging out and listening to books, 1 more day heading away, then we start heading back
In Oregon we stopped at a unique and different rest stop
Free coffee and located in a state park it was beautiful, quite a lot.
Looking forward to some time with friends and a chance to do laundry too
They were warned and they still want us, gotta love people like that, we do!
We enjoyed the drives through Arizona, Nevada, and California
But Oregon has green and trees and views that just really warm ya.
You get a feel for a state by the type of road signs for drivers to see
Here we saw a sign that said just "Elk" no pictures, apparently no need.
We didn't know if it was an Elk crossing, or to watch for falling elk to appear
Or if the locals just wanted to note possibilities, but we felt there was nothing to fear.
So we kept driving and saw no elk, though we don't know if elk saw us
If they did we were no bother because we saw no elk that made a fuss
We kept driving and kept driving, enjoying mountain views that fog allowed
Renee said rainy weather was typical so authentic Oregon was showed.
We arrived and were warmly welcomed by Renee, Jeff, Chaya, Solana, and Rhianne
And could settle in a home for a night like we hadn't since the trip had began.
Had a wonderful home cooked meal and got to see the kids all hit it off well
Hung out and watched a Harry Potter movie, which Riley always thinks is just swell.
I could say nothing of note happened, but that wouldn't be right or true
Having an evening to rest and recoup like this is restorative through and through
And spending time with a friend rarely seen because the distances are so far
Can make up for many miles spent driving in a car
We can't say enough to thank them for putting up with travelers weary
Just hope when it comes to leave-taking that we don't get all teary.
We finally packed in for the night, got everyone all tucked in to bed
And for the travels of today, I guess that's all that needs to be said.

Evan says: "I can't keep up with what state we're in anymore,
And keeping up with time through all the time zones is a chore.
I've even lost track of the day of the trip,
So of where and when we are? My mind is partial ripped."

(408 miles, Saturday)
(woke up in PST, went to bed in PST)
bleskiver's for breakfast were more than yummy
So we would be hitting the road with full and happy tummies.
But we were sad to leave our friends, they were the best hosts we could ask for
When they come into town we look forward to repaying at least some of the favor.
Did you know in Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas?
We didn't either, 'til the attendant came, saw our license and gave us a pass
He looked at our license plate and realized that we really didn't know
This was the first place we can recall this happening, so I guess it just goes to show.
Things we take as standard may not be that way somewhere else
Different rules in different states, I've taken that note to myself.
We were right by Portland so Voodoo Donut were a must
I know the first question you'll ask was "Was it worth the fuss?"
We can only say that the line was winding down the street
Both locals and tourists waiting for the crazy donutty treat.
Mar got "Old Dirty Bastard", while Riley had straightforward "Chocolate Cake"
So many treats to choose from, but they were all too good for any to be a mistake
Evan got "The Loop", Mark got "Triple Chocolate Penetration"
OMG it was sweet sugary taste sensation
Especially the first bites and they were too big to have in one go
Subsequently, a fail occurred - no, we were not towed
We pulled over for another pic - the Washington state sign
A Triple A truck pulled up almost immediately behind
We waved him off while remarking that he couldn't have been more efficient
Fortunately we didn't need him, though, and the sign was quite sufficient
So we took a picture realizing we would get only one more new state pic this journey
Of this mission to get all state signs, well, we were certainly winning this tourney.
Carl Jr's for dinner, we had seen signs but never at the right time
For fast food it was good, actually it was the service that was really fine
Ashley handled Evan's order, very specific, with style and grace
And she never even lost that big smile from her face
Mar bought goggles while Mark went to Walgreens
For stamps for postcards to be written by the teens
Riley's gonna write to a friend or two at camp
That's really why we need to stop and pick up postcard stamps
Then we drove a little longer, and decided on Spokane for the night
Found a Holiday Inn Express and and after a swim settled in to sleep tight.

(395 miles, Sunday)
(woke up in PST, went to bed in MST)
Mostly today is just a driving day
Homeward bound we start working our way
Take our last picture of a new state sign
Though Idaho made it difficult with a city named "State Line"
But we made it all right, even finding another family taking a picture
And we returned the favor, taking each others pic's for sure.
At the real state sign, despite the city's fun deception
And it gave us something for the poem on a day not much action.
Stopped in Idaho for lunch and a Huckleberry shake
It was good but not much different than other berries was our reaction to the taste.
The St. Regis Travel Center was a breath of different air
Never been to a resting stop with such oddly diverse fare.
They had a free trout aquariam, a small casino with bar too,
And of course all the other odds and ends that a travel center should do
Apparently in the area, at least Montana and Idaho
They give out a lot of licenses for 20 machine casinos
They are common at the truck stops, just like laundry, showers, and church
Just another thing to do as drivers rest, hang out, and perch.
Next thing we knew, we were into Montana traveling
And a lot more mountain driving, but at least green with plenty of water and views for enjoying.
Can't wait until the morning when we go to Yellowstone
And continue on our drive, working our slow and scenic way home.

(313 miles, Monday)
(woke up in MST, went to bed in MST)
This poem is being interrupted by an errant herd of buffalo.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Why did the buffalo cross the road? We only wish it had crossed the road. Instead they walked down the road, strolling as if they had nothing to do and trapping hundreds of cars heading to Old Faithful to a speed of 3 miles in 1 1/2 hours.

Headed to Yellowstone, just a short drive out of Bozeman
And we were once again in the midst of forest and mountain.
An hour drive got us to West Yellowstone town.
Which was good to get practical things like gas and restrooms done.
Once in Yellowstone there was not much that was man made
For hours and hours so much of nature, but don't be afraid
There were people everywhere, we saw buffalo and Mark and Riley saw a bear
Mar and Evan had headed back to the car and it was way over there.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

We were following the signs to go see Old Faithful's timely display
At first the driving seemed easy and then the traffic seemed less go and more stay
Mark got out of the car to walk foward and see what he could see
Seemed a few dozen cars up had 'allowed' buffalo onto our two lane street
A herd of about 60 buffalo really just meander pretty slow
Luckily we had a picnic lunch and ate in the car while traveling at speed quite low.

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a buffalo sitting next to him.
"Are you a buffalo?" asked the man, surprised.
"What are you doing at the movies?"
The buffalo replied, "Well, I liked the book."

Finally they found a place where they could cross and the buffalo moved on
And the traffic was happy to not have to share the road we were upon.
We stopped at Black Sands Basin, it was beautiful but smelled a lot like rotten eggs
Multi colored basins and mini geysers, it was very cool, trust me, I beg.
From there we got to Old Faithful, waiting with the crowd
It went off right on time, acting really proud.

Q: What time is it when a buffalo sits in your canoe?
A: Time to get a new canoe.

Left Yellowstone, driving through Grand Teton Park
Seen more national parks and forests than we knew existed as landmarks.
Even though the weather only had a mild chill
We kept seeing piles of snow, at our level on the local hills.
Evan drove a while, for practice and for fun
How many Michigan driver's permits get practice driving in the Wyoming mountain sun?
Putting some miles on before settling in for the night
Skipped the World's largest Jackalope Exhibit at Dubois, the boys said it just wasn't right.
You can't have an exhibit of something that doesn't really exist
Guess I'll have to take the land of Oz off of our travel list.
Lander's Wyoming looked a good location for stopping
But a teachers convention took all the hotel rooms and left us no room at the inn.
To reach a hotel listed on the GPS it would have taken two more hours
Except Mar noticed the Maverick Motel with a sign on the short corner tower.
It was perfect, it was rustic, it was local, and had a vacancy
And we had a place to watch "Eureka" Monday night on a TV

(488 miles, Tuesday)
(woke up in MST, went to bed in CST)
Just a drive day, with many miles to cover
Ev gave us a short driving break, Riley thinks it's great to have an almost driving brother.
The Nebraska rest stop finally had what so many other rest stops did not
An arrow on the state map showing the "Here's where you are" spot.
My gosh it's hot and humid, glad the car ac works so well
I thought we were traveling the US but the temp makes it not so swell.
We drink lots of water and we take the drive in stride
We are thankful that these driving days keep us on the inside
Even at 7pm the temp is 104 degrees
Almost makes me wish for January, when we'll be complaining as we freeze.
Slowly making our way back to the time zone that we know
When our trip is over we'll have some good pictures to show

(516 miles, Wednesday)
(woke up in CST, went to bed in CST)
Another quiet driving day, or so we thought when we went to bed,
No thoughts of what the traffic cones and markings outside our hotel were for was in our head
But at 7am, when the walls started pounding and shaking
We thought we were in California in the middle of earth quaking
We got out of bed and loaded the car fast
Got out of hotel, stopped to pick up some gas.
Not a bad idea, to get on the road before the heat got too high
Though the guys don't like getting up early and didn't like the reason why
At the Bosselman Nebraska truck stop we took a break for a bit
Walked in to a surprise, a 9-11 memorial steel beam in a case did sit
Speaking of surprises, we had a nice one today for Evan and Riley
Our hotel included a small water park, it definitely made them smiley
So this evening we hung out and rested, more driving in tomorrow's heat
But first a small adventure geared for Mark, a special treat.
We won't say what it is, or even quite where we are
But when the poem is posted Friday we expect to have earned a star!

(512 miles, Thursday)
(woke up in CST, went to bed at home. EST)
Woke up slowly after a good night's sleep
The room was comfortable and we all slept deep
Got up, had breakfast, and packed up the car
Not a big driving day, yet we hoped to go far
Headed for Riverside, because it was there
Tourist trap or kitch, didn't know, didn't care
The future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk
We bought a coffee cup and a couple of shirts.
The museum/store was small, but a lot of signed pics were there
The bathroom was decorated so that the toilet was the command chair
Then got in the car for the long drive back
This trip has been awesome, no sites or adventures did it lack
We stopped for lunch, and to take a break from the heat.
The newspaper said this week over 1000 daily heat records had been beat.
With home getting close, Riley declared
It was joke time, he pulled out a book. NO FAIR!
The last little bit of this trip sets a standard
Evan took us home, the final drive was his with no candor
We got to the house and dug the big stuff out
Tomorrow I'll vacuum and claim my car with a joyful shout.
Over 6,000 miles we drove in 12 days
I think my car needs at least an oil change.
Definitely a car wash, to remove the carcasses from the grill
Of the bugs that came along on the ride for one last thrill
We cleaned windows every time we filled up the gas tank though
But couldn't keep up with the bug guys on the front window
We saw mountains, mountains, and more mountains too
The color, the shape, the texture and more
The varied splendor of mountains is something not to be ignored.
Had no idea there were so many different types of mountain view
We've now got pictures of 32 state signs
Just 16 more contiguous as we go down the line
This was definitely a glorious road warrior trip we took
We went all over the country and we saw and we looked
Every time we travel, we find more than we'd known
But be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2012 by Marci Grossman"