Epic Poem - Florida, February 2008

February in Michigan can be rather cold
and it had been a long year, if truth be told
Marci's surgery and odd recovery had put a cramp in our style
we had not been on an adventure in such a long while
that a sunny place would help reset smiles on our faces
and Florida housed such very great people and places.
Missing last school day before break hadn't been our intention
but plane tix were much cheaper, so a vacation intervention.
On Friday we headed to Metro Airport
The weather was fine and the drive was quite short
we parked, found a shuttle, and wandered right in
now it was definite, our vacation begins.
The airport is enormous and beautiful to boot
an edgeless fountain dance, on and off the water shoots
downstairs to the multi-colored lighted tunnel for kicks
riding a conveyer belt, only thing missing is Hendrix.
Double Delta flight 1 takes off late but lands when it should
pizza and sandwiches in Atlanta is our lunch and it's pretty good
then back on the plane for the flight to Lauderdale
Where we'll be met by our driver, wonderful cousin Phil
2nd leg of flight to Florida we've amazing seats to see things
a few row right ahead of us we can watch as they adjust the wings
we saw the different ways it opened and closed and shiftyed
to control the way the plane flew it was really very nifty.
Before we get in Phil's car, Evan chats with the Brouhard deputy
But no worry, no problem, he lets us go free.
As we get in Phil's Jeep the Florida air greets us with a drizzle
but the air is warm and welcoming and it's all good, for shizzle.
To the condo we go, to unload and meet Buddy
he's a friendly happy dog, he likes us, oh goody.
before I go on, there's something you should know
Phil's a great guy who can't tell time. A warning. Just so.
According to him everything is just 10 minutes away
in reality a half hour, so know when you play.
Our first 10 minutes ride is to Boston's for dinner
over 30 minutes later we are parked and ready to begin 'er
fish and shrimp and chips is all very good
then across the street to the beach just because we could
we run in the sand and pose on the beaches
we are very happy sand creaches.
Phil's not very handy so we help with his abode
and the first place we start is by fixing his comode
a long day of traveling, welcoming beds await
easily we fall asleep, no one stays up late.

To the Original Pancake House for breakfast we go
we all wake up hungry but still we move slow
Home Depot for supplies, odds and ends to do quick fixes
but it is only for small projects so we move kids quickish.
We change into suits and to the beach go we
it is not 10 minutes, more likely thir-ty
toes in sand, toes in water, playing catch in the ocean
first a drizzle, then a rain, finally enough we choose to go in
head back to the condo for a snack, relax, and plan
in shorts, tshirts, and flip flops, we are happy to have had sand
so we showered and cleaned up, 'nother mud coat on the wall
and hang for a chill then the evening activity crawl
in Phil's car is always Bruce, he's a real big Springsteen fan
and Evan's joining in, it is obvious they are clan
"Radio Nowhere"'s a new favorite, coming out in Evan's voice
We teach Phil about Tom Lehrer, okay, maybe not the obvious choice
we go off for lazer tag because it is our tradition
Marci comes in number 1 on our lazer expedition
but Eric's rig malfunctioned so we got a free 2nd game
This time Mark was Number 1, so the result was not the same
Mark and Phil continue their multi-city air hockey battle
though no one keeps score, they let Evan & Eric have time with the paddles
Cheeburger Cheeburger is our dinner, it was better than expected
It was a totally awesome day and we won't soon forget it.

Breakfast at local Denny's brings discussions of time travel
infinite choices, infinite universes, we cause reality to unravel
we discuss varying aspects of the space time continuum
if anyone overheard us I expect we did confuse'em
then to Hertz for the rental car, it should only take a minute
but I think it was a new guy so it took time seeming infinite
as we packed our luggage in the car Evan and Eric met the kids that are neighbors
they can't wait to come back to meet again and play together
at last in our car for the ride up to Kissimee
easy driving, easy travelling, stopping when we needed to pee.
Checked into Pop Century, dragged our luggage to the room
Mark returned the car, goodbye to our "vroom-vroom".
Micah and Martha picked him up, brought him back with them
then the bus to Downtown Disney, a beautiful night, what a gem.
Rainforest Cafe for dinner, with Micah at the lead
we were soon seated at a table, deciding what we need
the food is always good there, the ambiance quite engaging
though the boys didn't really like it when the elephant started raging.
Micah snuck away a moment, then came back with a big grin
apparently Eric's birthday celebrating would soon start to begin
After dinner as we waited for the bill and time to go
out came a lit dessert, Eric's birthday Volcano.
We all enjoyed dessert, then got up to walk around
because there's no place quite like Disney's night Downtown
Well lit and full of people it is really quite a sight
what a great place to spend time and wander our first night.
The Lego store's amazing, with lots left out to play
the statues are full size, some life like, I don't know what to say
the boys thought it was neat how they used bricks of regular size
to build up bigger bricks to make huge displays for our eyes
it was getting chill and getting late and time had come to say
goodbye to Micah and Martha and to bed to end our day.

Wake up bright and early for a day of celebration
our first day in Disney World and Eric's 9th birthday, what elation!
Now a funny thing to know, Disney starts adults at 10
no matter what we think, to them Evan's a man.
The magic morning hour means more time at Animal Kingdom
With older passes put together, 2 need extra staff attention.
So Mark and Evan head over to guest services to dot i's and cross the t's
while Marci and Eric stroll right in with all their casual ease.
Marci and Eric check in to let them know a birthday is today
and they give him a special pin to wear - hip hop hooray.
Then come Mark and Evan, seems they had the same idea
so with 2 buttons there's not missing Eric-Eric's 9th BDa
Smear, Splat, and Dip came out to do their show
needing an assistant to hold their trophy to Eric-Eric they did go
Proudly he held their statue while they balanced, juggled, even Dip's hat
and when it was over Eric was awarded a special certificate.
"Dinosaur" looked kinda scary so Eric chose not to scream
when a cast member saw us waiting she gave us all free ice cream.
Hidden within the Dino section we went to find some lunch
and boy were we surprised when McDonald's was in that hunch.
Caught the Lion King Show that we missed when we came 4 years before
The show was worth the wait flying bird and jumping monkeys and Simbas great big roar.
Caught the tram to Magic Kingdom, looking for the hidden mouse
and of course found many not hidden, after all, it IS his house.
A new chant was born, which they chanted until they were blue
Lots of rides and attractions, the whole day was a like a party
We enjoyed every moment with smiles and laughter hearty
at Buzz Lightyears Spaceranger Spin, Eric and Mark had higher score.
Haunted Mansion had great ghosts, from the ceiling to the floor
Surprise glowsticks from the backpack really lit the evening up
bracelets and necklaces adorned us, smiling faces. oh yeah. yup.
As the evening got darker was the Spectromagic parade
Evan on Mark, Eric on Marci, memorable moment definitely made.
By the castle we remained to see the Wishes fireworks show.
It began high above us, a distant figure all aglow
it was Tinkerbell flying down a line across the park
Mark was in line to see her battery pack, way up high, what a lark
The show was quite amazing, the music, words and display
But now it's rather late out and time to end our day
we followed all the signs and got sent to ride the ferry.
Very cool to ride something different, tired boys in arms got carried.
So we rode and enjoyed the boat ride, to our supposed destination
only to find us in the wrong place needing alternate transportation.
Found a Disney transport bus going to a nearby spot
agreed to drop us at our hotel, very nicely. luck, we've got.
Now i don't want you to think we have to work hard for amusement
the guys happily cheered the time changes on the bus front.

Another early morning, a box of donuts lay in wait
quickly eating to get to Epcot, where we don't want to be late.
A trip to Mars and Test Track got early votes of favor
with return trips wishes told, good moments to re-savor.
A boat ride through the land showed more hidden head and ears
lettuce planted, gourds encouraged we saw the shape and cheered.
Soarin' over California, to lots of Aahs and Oohs
a really beautiful ride, I think it's pretty new.
Innoventions East and West, creating robots and email postcards
Eric and Marci's robot won the race, Mar was breathing pretty hard
Evan's racing vehicle took number 1 of all
Mark and Eric did pretty well, Mar got a good view of a virtual wall.
Then Eric talked to Crush the turtle, asking how did turtles sleep
Crush said "Dude" a lot, and answered how they can sleep in the deep.
Marci and Eric back to Test Track, no time to look for rest
and a very funny thing happened an unscheduled rain environment test.
Ok the ride hadn't planned it, and of course, neither had we
but there ain't nothing we can't handle, "The Girl" and guys of three.
So dinner we had together and then went on separate ways.
Evan and Mark to Hollywood Studio, Eric and Mar were down for the day.
Mar and Eric stopped to burn some popcorn on their way up to the room
and when they did get up they found Eric's day late birthday balloons.
Mark and Evan saw the fantasmic show at the Studio
Then got their green magic wristbands so more rides for them to go.
ROck N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror sounded fine
Evan did the coaster twice, not a terribly long line.
At the top of the tower, for a moment out did peak
saw a water tower Mickey, a bonus of what they seek.
Finally found a popcorn verndor, but didn't bring any back to share
but Marci and Eric were happy so they didn't really care.

Then packing for the trip home, though we didn't want to leave
we'll be back soon another winter, that you can believe.
the first leg of the flight home was the nicest plane for us to fly in
video screen in front of each seat show plane on a map, travel by line.
Met a nice family at the airport, waiting for a flight to Philly
the kids chatted and shared game tipes and acted a little silly.
The final flight to home was the smallest plane on which we'd been
like a mini van with wings, the whole row was just my kin.
But getting home safely is all that matters really
knowing when we get home the weather would be cold beyond chilly.
The boys with their gameboys and me writing this poem
Mark is contemplating our buried driveway at home.

Now we're back at home warm and comfy in our own beds
We love coming, we loved going, and that is all I said.
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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2008 by Marci Grossman"