Epic Poem - December 2012

Saturday (595 Miles)
The morning was 30 degrees, with a fairly strong wind
it was a bit unpleasant, we couldn't wait to begin
We got in the car, pulling out at 8:01
and about an hour later stopped to get breakfast-what fun!
Our table discussions are interested and varied
Semantics often rule and our laughter does carry
We talked about the famous "Buffalo" sentence
And tried to find words that might have the same varied chance
"Waffle" and "Juice" were the the words we came up with
Though our focus was is known to sometimes have circumstance limits
Back in the car our cd book is "Dog on it" by Spencer Quinn
A mystery told from the canine partner's spin
It's funny and light hearted, and jumps around in the tale
Apparently dogs have ADHD and it was funny just like "SQUIRREL".
Our first planned stop is the Hall of Heroes in Indiana, Elkart
A superhero comic museum seen on the Travel Channel, where many good adventures start.
Our GPS can't find it, must be in an alternate universe
Where the heroes are real, we can't help to considers.
When we finally find it, it is an unbelievable sight
It looks as it should, Mark's eyes go big and bright
Once in, all of our eyes go wide,
To see the comics, artwork, toys, and superhero stuff that lines the sides
While it's a small museum, comparitively speaking
it's well organized and welcoming and cannot be believed
"Heroes", Justice League, Legion, and X-Men of course
Spiderman, Alpha Flight, Green Lantern Corps, and more
Comics, masks, costumes, games, and slushy cup collections
The currator is very gracious, telling stories and answering questions
Also involved in boy scouts, badges can be earned and there are tours
Art, Museums, History, and certainly comic books, for sure
On a display case with Heroes, and a Green Goblin Bomb,
Sits a Leonard Hofstadter bobble head doll.
Leaving Elkart is quite another story
But first let me tell you of the Burger King Glory
We stop for quick bite, we have many more miles to go
And Burger King is located conveniently on the side of the road
We go in and order, nothing seems particularly special
Until we take our cups to get drinks and we see Soda's Holy Grail
The soda dispenser is a big bright shiny box
with a video screen on front, at the top
On the screen are 22 choices, of drinks you might pick
Our jaws dropped at the selection, we thought it was slick
Until Riley chose Mellow Yellow and had 5 flavors to choose from
Coke had 7 also, this machine looked like fun.
I wish we'd had the time to find all the combinations and permutations
But sadly it made drinks go slow and we annoyed the masses with our adulation
Suffice it to say, when i have the time on my hands
I will find more about this wonderful machine in this alternate land
So we are trying to leave Elkart, which seems to not end
No expressway in sight, the roadsigns start to blend
According to the GPS we are not lost and are progressing
But when we finally leave town, we are ready to jump out and give blessing!
Driving and driving we reach the Kentucky border at dark
Pull off at a visitor center but realize with a start
that at exit 0, the visitor center is still Indiana
So back to the car but hold onto the camera
Into Lexington we drive, it is beautifully lit seen from the bridge up high
Find a place to park by the Visitor Center in sight
as we get up to the door, the lights inside go off as we reach for the handle
The welcome here so far is too small to handle
Wander down the street to what seems like bright lights
The guys want KFC, they want to see some sights
There is an area set up for ice skating and what seems like a night event
But things are closing as we walk by, a signal must have been sent
We eat smash burgers and the food is always good
Though we missed the irony of KFC in Lexington Kentucky, what a dud.
Cave City Kentucky we finally set down for the night
The internet is out, so the poem has to wait
Mark channel flips for a little while and we all settle in
In the morning we'll load up and continue our adventurin'.

Sunday (323 miles)
It's a pain to not have the internet as we wake up to start our day
It helps us organize and and figure out how we will play
We also need it for the poem, not just the uploading to the internet
But to find the links to sights, to help us be more circumspect
The weather is chill but moderate as we slowly open our eyes
The day is bright and clear it will be a lovely day to drive
Sometime during the evening, or maybe earlier during the day
We crossed a time zone barrier and have an extra hour to stay.
The drive to Nashville was relatively quick and uneventful
We came for the food and to get an eyeful
We walked the streets for a while, in circles guided Mark and humor did ensure
But found our way to Jack's Bar-B-Que
The Brisket Sandwich was something else, simple and yet simply awesome
The smokey flavor was really special and we all said a joyous 'yum'.
Our lunch discussion, of course, took a typically peculiar twist
Considering what made someone a tourist as opposed to just a visit
Is it how far they drove, or what they intended to do
Whether spent money on souveniers or put their head on their very own pillow?
The stores are mostly bars, touristy, or boots and hats,
But it really seemed to fit and that's all I can say about that.
We walked to the The Country Music Hall of Fame
We weren't really in a museum mood, so walked the stars on the Walk of Fame and enjoyed the light rain.
This is a beautiful city, the smells of the barbecue and the sounds on the streets
Each bar has their door open and live performance music comes out to greet.
We were told of a store we should find, when we stopped at the center for tourist
Rocket Fizz we were told would astound us, and you had better believe that it did.
In case you didn't know we took our food seriously, i think it's time that you do understand
and thanks to Jeremy's kind bit of directions we may have found the most interesting ice cream in the land
Jeni's was like nothing we had ever had
and now a poem break to share flavors, because not to remember them would make us sad.

Evan had Cherry Lambic Sorbet,Reisling Poached Pear Sorbet, and Pistachio and Honey.
Riley had Root Beer, Ugandan Vanilla Bean, and The Milkiest Chocolate in the World
Mark had Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Brown Butter Almond Brittle
Marci had Brambleberry Crisp and The Milkiest Chocolate.

Evan and Riley voted the Cherry Lambic the best,
In the end there wasn't much of any ice cream left.
So into the car for the drive toward Atlanta
We'll be in and out of town way before Santa
Along the way we took a quick jaunt into Alabama for a pic
Though we expect to go through it when we take our next driving trip
But you can never fully plan for weather, traffic, or construction
So we got our state sign now, a quicky state introduction
Apparently they really want you to stop at Ruby Falls
Because the signs advertising that outnumbered all
Crossed back to Eastern time zone right before crossing into Georgia
Nice when they have a sign so we know what meal they'll serve ya
Wait, back into Tennessee, yeah, the map said that would happen
15 more minutes until Georgia crossing is permanent
Would be nice if the road went straight, from one destination to another
though the scenery would be as nice, though the travel would be shorter.

Monday (409 miles)
Hello, this short is from my (Evan's) perspective
to give you a slightly different way to see this retrospective
Got up, got dressed, got breakfast, same as we normally do
but for helping someone with their luggage last night, I recieved a semipublic thank you
So now we're back in our room, getting packed and ready once more
I hope that for this day, tripping as we do won't be a chore.

A slow and lazy start is intentional for today
A certain stop to make as we head on our way
But before we get moving we get the updates to plan our traveling thoughts
And decide to adapt our route, to make sure we're in the lead of any weather rather than caught
Nothing major, just bumping a date quicker to Charlotte we're gonna
(After checking in with the weather and travel wisdom of Dali Lonna)
Lunchtime break will be at The Varsity
As recommended by our favorite travel and food shows on tv.
Shortly on the road Mark gets a phone call from Ed
Great guy, but a phone call on vacation signals nothing good
We need to find a place where Mark can log on a for a while
To keep Kmart shoppers shopping and not cause frowns but smiles
We see a sign that says Travel Station with WIFI
We expect something like a truck spot, but when we pull up, well, OH MY
It's little bigger than a gas station, probably not even than most
But if the WIFI works, than we'll accept them as a host
40 minutes later the problem is solved and we're back in the car
Hoping that another phone call won't stop us before we get far.
It's raining on and off, sometimes light and sometimes heavy
There may be a storm behind us but it's not here, this isn't steady
Too bad we've already eaten because there's a sign for Keith-A-Que
While we've no idea if it's good, with a name like that we would certainly have given it a do.
Today we're listening to "Wee Free Men" by the amazing Terry Pratchett
It's read by Stephen Briggs and we're laughing so hard, Thaur ye hae it
Th' nac mac feegle ur stoaner tae kin Ut as funay as can be.
We're laughin' as much as hoo it soonds as we ur at whit they say.
(The Nac Mac Feegle are hard to understand, but as funny as can be
We're laughing as much as how it sounds as we are at what they say)
The rain is still on and off, so I make a karmic prediction
Once we fill up with gas the weather will change to a kinder disposition
We stop to get gas but the drizzle continues, obviously not inconvenienced enough
Almost to Florida we take our first state pic, at a Georgia Florida information hut
And then there's the state sign, in the middle of rain, on the side of the road
But still not enough karma to get the moon to show
A rest stop ahead with a beautiful sign, one more shot at our state sign pic
Sure enough though it's raining as we load back in the car it certainly did the trick
The rain dries up and the rest of the drive for today is a dry and mild night
It's Christmas Eve so we need to find Chinese Food for dinner to make it all right
After dinner we zig northward back to Georgia and find a hotel for our rest
The perfect place for a good sleep, so we lay our heads down and soon are asleep in our beds.

Tuesday (395 miles)
Evan again, we're sleeping in this morning on Christmas day.
Christmas Episode of Doctor Who premieres tonight, and there's naught (much) else to say.
Riley's turn, and as you may know I always want to have my way
but we might not watch Doctor Who tonight, we'll be bummed, but I'll just have to wear grey.

A slow and easy start, we're not in any rush today
It's not raining at the moment, though the sun's not expected to stay
We pack the bags and get headed out to Jekyll State Park Beach
Never let it be said we came in December to a southern coast and the sand stayed out of reach
We went through the gate, a beautiful day, and couldn't wait to find the sand
we were not disappointed, the gulls came swooping down to eat the treats out of our hands
We found shells and sand dollars, we played games with the waves on the shore,
Riley said the waves were playing pretty weak, but socks and shoes still were wet to the core.
Got back to the car hoping to find some lunch in the park but most of the places were closed
So Christmas Day at the beach was a whole lot of fun, but now that short tale has been told
Most stores as you know, are closed Christmas day, so finding a place for lunch was a whole 'nother story
But we're in the south, where the Waffle House reigns, so we ate, no need to worry
Evan asked "what's Grits" and the eventual answer was "ground corn"
It is scooped into a bowl that is buttery and served warm
They were surprised by the question so they put some in a bowl for us to taste
We tried it, not bad, then back on the road with no time to waste
The rain's on and off, Wee Free Men's still playing, we're having a good travel time
South Carolina comes up and the picture is done, we're driving well (no we're not flying)
Did I ever mention the Triple Chocolate Snickers bar? If I haven't you should know it's quite yum
Ok, it's not about you, I figured if I wrote it in the poem I would remember about it later, I'm not dumb.
Wee Free Men is over, now we put a comedy CD to listen to is a hit
We listen to Bob Newhart, he's family friendly and never says $#!*
Gas and dinner, more rain on and off, and we drove and we drove and we drove
Crossed the state line into North Carolina and were glad, we were almost at Mark & Lonna's home.
A warm welcome was had, we were glad to be there, it also means a day off from driving
Watching Doctor Who with friends, having popcorn and chilling, Riley face couldn't stop smiling
As we rest for the night, rain falls on the roof, but it sounds different when you're hanging out with friends
and so for tonight, as we turn out the light, this poem has come to a daily end.

Slow and lazy morning. No rush to make a limited hotel breakfast time
We were all dressed and ready, we hit the Original Pancake house at noon, fine.
Science museum today, to Discovery Place we went
A place to hang out and walk around was a nice day, heaven sent.
Then we walked down the street for ice cream, a cool day for a very cold treat
To the car to head back home, a lazy evening is totally our beat
We had planned a good dinner from Price's
But it wasn't at all meant to be, toss the dices
So to make Riley happy, which is a good way to be about
We'll pick up KFC in the south.
Tomorrow we'll have an early start and head back
A day or two until we sleep in our own sack
The evening was lovely, just hanging out with our friends
It would have been great to last longer, but it soon came to an end
Amid laughter and teasing I was protected by their wonderous Shitzu Fletch
Who defended my honor, deciding Mark was a letch
It was a great way for this trip to come to a close
We went up to bed, for tomorrow it would be early when we rose.

Thursday Into the car by 8:02am, the weather was clear, at the moment no rain
So we loaded the car and scraped the frost, what a pain
But we knew that we had a long driving day ahead
We'd be in the car for 12 hours before we'd get to rest our heads
We lost a half-hour passing to an accident by a truck
No one looked hurt, so we felt it was a sign of good luck
Way over there, not close but in view
We saw the terrain change, mountain ranges in varied hue
We had made it to Virginia in relatively good time
And got a good picture with the Virginia state sign.
Two tunnels through the mountains we were required to pass through
We held a sustained note (because that's just what we do)
Stopped for a quick bite of breakfast and to gas the car up
Who knew if and where we might sup.
It was already cold out so we switched to our winter gear
Too long of a drive to let ouselves get a cold rear.
Reading signs to ensure we're on the right route
one was blue and blank and we heard Marci shout
"The Blue Screen Of Death" and we all had a laugh
The blank sign surprised us we saw humor in this gaff.
Onto West Virginia, our last sign for this trip
Darn, it's up in the air, we can't pose with it
But a nearby visitor center gave us the pic that we wanted
See, I told you good luck, we proceeded undaunted.
Through rain and through snow, through clouds and sunshine
Today's drive was like our whole trip, a varied and good time.

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2012 by Marci Grossman"