Epic Poem - Ohio, August 2006

we began this vacation as never before
already packed and in time going out of the door.
we had one goal in mind, one place lined up in our site
“cedar point bound” we exclaimed with great might.
and at 10am, with happiness and joy
with a ticket in one hand, the other hand on a boy
we entered the gates with great smiles on all faces
for the boys first visit to one fabulous places.
as we stepped in the gates there was music at hand.
was it created for us? our very own marching band?
ev and mark to the demon drop, near front gate with short line
while eric and mar road cedar downs carousel twice in the same time
then meeting up again to go further into the fun
for the day was quite perfect with a beautiful sun.
so we set our intentions for the most perfect day
and using "the secret" we created it that way
perfect weather, short lines, moving quickly we chose
and just as we planned it is how the day flows.
the scariest place for mar was on the mine ride
a hive by the track left her no place to hide
but the wasps weren't stinging, just doing their thing
so be and let be had a wonderful ring.
mar and boys watched a baseball cap from in front fly by.
mark was off for a time for his own special ride
for the top thrill dragster the boys were too short
so we sent mark on his, we are all such good sports.
mark caught up and we decided the day was just set
for us to go on the rides that would get us all wet.
the water rides soaked to the skin and beyond
mark in denim shorts, in 3 days they might dry
mar's clothes also drenched and it must be confessed
mark decided she won the wet t-shirt contest.
we love all the roller coasters and they love us too
we go on the corkscrew , not one time but two,
with no line to speak of as we climb the steps to it
and get into our seats, buckle in and say "do it".
as we decided after so many rides we were done
we bought one giant 4-color 4-person snow cone.
it was the first time we wished we had camera at hand
as it was further perfection beyond anything we had planned.
as we wandered around enjoying our plan's fruition
the universe bestowed even more gifts beyond expectation.
a wandering teen with a prize he did not wish to carry
gave to our boys a stuff stuey, barely for thanks did he tarry.
in celebration at cedar point for something or other
cotton candy was had for merely a quarter
so mark and the boys on the sky ride headed back to the gates
while mar found the cotton candy, one for each, she couldn't wait!
then we loaded into the car, our moods high and happy
a perfect day we had had, even though that sounds sappy.
we headed for cleveland, to gael, emmett, and hotel
the ride was easy and pleasant, without much to tell
and to mavis winkle irish tavern we went out to dinner
it was really good food, we had picked out a winner.
they had emery boards instead of matches since the restaurant was no smoking
if i said we shocked, well, i wouldn't be joking
they wanted to advertise, put their name out around
and this was the way that fit them, they found.
then to the hotel for a good night's sleep
for tomorrow we had plans for more perfection to keep.

mar and ev awoke early met gael and emmett for breakfast
mark and eric still sleeping for as long as it would last
all mornings move slowly, on vacation even more so
we brought the sleeping boys breakfast so they would eventually move and go
today's adventure would be the cleveland zoo where
we could pet sharks and sting rays, and see lots of cool things there.
but first to the rainforest exhibit we would visit
it is a very big, very thorough, enjoyable exhibit.
we had lunch at the rainforest cafe after we wandered
through the animals and forests and information we pondered.
and into the main part of the zoo we now went
and we walked up the hill to where the sharks and rays had been sent.
we waiting in line while the kids on the structure did play
then we washed our hands and listened to what the zoo docents had to say.
"for the rays keep palms upright as deep as you could
gently touch underneath them, wait for them as you should.
for the sharks turn your hand over, like a dog you can pet them
but keep away from their faces you could hurt their eyes if you touched them"
and we put our hands in and we followed the rules
and they swam to where we were and they felt really cool
there is nothing i can think of as soft as the ray
and the sharks weren't scary, they were really ok.
then to add to perfection they announced to us all
that we could feed the rays if we wanted. what joy! an experience haul!
so we bought our sardines holding carefully in palm
and they swam up and sucked them off. like a vacuum in the calm.
when our turns were over we went out to continue
and enjoy all the other fabulous animals at the zoo.
ev & er needed souveniers, just ask them, they'd say so
aunt gael quickly jumped in to say the answer couldn't be no
so 2 small stuffed lemurs are now part of our family
a brown one for ev and for er a white one, gee.
we walked with the kangaroos and the boys fed the lorikeets
they were so brightly colored, not one was a repeat.
after snacking and wandering our way through the day
it was time to send gael and emmett back home on their way.
so we hugged our goodbyes and we packed up our cars
our short drive to the hotel, their drive home longer by far.
to the hotel for a break and a rest for a short while
then meeting cousins dan and sandy for dinner and some hugs and some smiles.
then we ended day 2 as we ended day one
a second day of perfection, happiness, and much fun.

day 3 was exciting, mar could hardly hold her joy
we would be meeting up with missy and her girl and her boy.
ben and abby were growing, and we didn't see them often
now at 3 1/2 they are doing all that they can
to keep up with the bigger kids evan and er
and the boys were proud to be big and show caution and care.
at the great lakes science center the kids had a blast
with our home sci cen membership it didn't cost any cash
and we got to play around at this fabulous place
at least until eric's glasses fell from his face.
into the ball pit mark and mar could be seen
combing the bottom for glasses, feeling silly but quite keen
to find the poor glasses before more abuse could befall them
rescue them they did, though feeling silly in the kids pit. AHEM!
missy, ben, and abby left shortly after lunch
but there was so much left to see, that was knowledge, not a hunch.
there was a math hunt with prizes that got both boys attention
they ran looking for stars, solving puzzles with a penchant
for working together to find the problems and solving
as we watched them we were hoping to hide laughter we were into dissolving.
their prizes, 2 pencils that changed colors when held
purple/pink for eric, and green/yellow for ev.
the clock told us that we should be getting ready to go
so we loaded the car and looked for a snack that was just so
to mcdonalds for ice cream is where we ended to be
and it was also just perfect for them and for we.
then to dinner with sandy and danny again this night
we don't see them often so they are quite a welcome sight.
ev taught danny all about his gameboy game
i am not sure that dan will ever again be the same
we had a pleasant evening and it was nice to be low key
we went back to the hotel and this ended day 3.

day 4 a quick breakfast than went for a swim
then packing our room, our journey home to begin.
so into our car to the african jungle safari we go
and started our drive, not too fast, not too slow.
stopped for mcdonalds, ev and er played some games there
we enjoyed our lunch and the fries we did share.
now headed to safari, ready for the event
but we didn't know the slime that would be our way sent.
we drove in and got food to share with animal friends
they came up to our car, their hunger never seemed to end
they stuck their heads in, saw the food, and then drooled
and they didn't care that our heads caught the pool.
they slimed in the car and on the outside too
it might have been less gross if they had covered us in poo!
some were soft, some were horned, some were small, some were big,
some were smelly, some were furry, but they all ate like pigs!
and when the bull climbed in through our window, peeooo what a smell
and all the way home we could smell him, not pleasant, i must tell.
then after the safari, when the food was all done,
ev and er got to ride a pony and a camel in the sun.
then to the pig races, so much excitement i can't bare
but ev was the track official, his knowledge he would share.
mark was the track photographer in case of a tie
the pigs started to run fast, then for a nap they did lie.
finally they finished the race they had started
but the animal smells were worse then if we all farted.
so we had some ice cream after washing our hands again
ev's was free for his service, and our vacation was coming to an end.
we finished our drive home without traffic or hassles
and when we reached it, it sure seemed like a castle.
we love to travel and see new things and sites
but there is no place like home, glad to see it, all right!!!!

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2006 by Marci Grossman"