Epic Poem - Canada, June 2005

a glorious day to begin a trip
any escape with the boys, hooray, hip hip hip
last minute packing, as always the chore
throw things in the car as we run out the door
the odds and the ends done lastly as a rule
once the car leaves the driveway, it is great, it is cool
a very good omen, a sign for the trip
the sky slightly grey, the rain, a slight drip
the serious woman guard, will she let us pass the border?
eric turns on the charm, and in very short order
the two of them chat like best long lost friends
and quickly we find the states outside our back end
a lunch at mcds puts us all in good spirits
to ontario science center, c'mon, let's all hear it
we wandered the center, they have so much to see
especially a temp exhibit that plays with gravity
a bike on a circle, can you make it go around
if you do it right, you will be upside down
it took mark 6 times to stand on his head
it took me 7, good thing no money i bet
they moved some exhibits and this time i couldn't find
the computer i hacked to email from the very last time
that just makes it harder but my binary brain
knows i will find a way to check email again
when the sci center closed we found a park to play
run around, chase, and swing, burn energy for the day
then burgers with carol and to see new bathroom we did
it's big and it's roomy and the toilet has a lid
time to head to hotel, to room and to board
for the next days festivities, and sleep we should hoard
things seemed too easy, too easy by far
the trip went much faster, well, it was mark driving the car
but the map said south and the hotel was north
and all time made up was lost once more
the kids were tired, the adults were frayed
we got to the room it was dirty and unmade
called down to the desk and said "this just won't do"
trying hard to be stern, trying not to be rude
the bell boy came up with new keys, welcome sight
even better, for the mess-they comped us a night
a few moments with phil then send mark down to swim
made the guys wash and change and tucked them right in
when mark comes back in, i will give a big cheer
then go down to the bar for canadian beer
by the time he came up i was too tired and pissy
so i just went to bed with one good night kissy

we woke and went swimming, get all the blood flowing
the boys are getting better, their work is really showing
saturday morning, breakfast with dan, sandy and phil
the buffet was huge, we all ate our fill
we went to temple all dressed looking fine
and sat in our seats and awaited the time
eric and evan each got turns to open the ark
they looked happy and handsome and each played their part
adam was great as we knew he would be
and his family was proud as anyone could see
alyssa was beautiful and knew what to do
the boys love their cousins, and we do too
then we had lunch and we all sat to shmooze
spending time with the cousins, no way to lose

then back to the hotel to plan fun for the guys
cousin phil would join us so we all did high fives
we packed in the car no if's and's or butts
and went to play glow in the dark putt putts
the music was rocking, we all danced while we played
but i kept score, so it was creatively made
phil had 912 on one hole, he did
the ball never went in, cause the hole went and hid
every time that he tried, the ball jumped right out
but the place was so loud, no one could hear the shout
then we played video games and air hockey, and did best
and then grabbed a big snack to head back to get dressed
we all looked quite fine as we headed to the party
shmoozing dancing and eating, couldn't wait to get start-y
i was looking quite fine if i say so myself
ev & eric were dashing, mark was handsome himself
and phil makes 4 escorts i had dancing that night
and a handsome smiling face makes him a wonderful sight
the guys all won prizes, their dancing was fine
but we could see they were tired, and that was a sign
that it was time to go back to our hotel for bed
we hugged and kissed cousins, lots of goodbyes were said
then back the hotel to tuck in for the night
when the boys are sleeping, it is a beautiful sight

on sunday we awoke to a beautiful day
to brunch with the cousins ending our mississauga stay
we packed and check out of the hotel in the morning
and headed to gordon's, don't worry, he had warning
phil and adam were playing guitar, exchanging great licks
so i went downstairs to show them girls knew some tricks
they took aerosmith for zeppelin i was quite sad to find this
but they are way better me, so i let them off with a kiss
the brunch was fine, the company even better
spending time with the cousins, writing an email letter
then back in the car, to niagra we head
time to see the falls, time for a new bed
the drive isn't bad, the hotel easily found
so we unpack get and settled, and go tour the town
the first stop we make is the falls seen by boat
we stand in line, pay our fees and get ready to gloat
eric decides he and mark should stay down
evan and marci go up and look all around
ev finds a good place by the rails to see
i stay with him, so between people i squeeze
the top gets so wet i am sure it is rain
we get so soaked, it is a wet squishy pain
it is only the mist, the boat earned it's name
we were well near the falls, staying dry was a game
we went to an arcade and played games for prizes to win
then to rainforest cafe to eat, we went in
the food was good, the ambiance fun
the fake butterflies, real sharks, fake elephant
then after, to the hotel, back for a rest
so we could see the night falls lit up when it is best
and fireworks too, if we could stay up that late
to be so close to see all and yet miss it we would hate
so we rested and chilled and hung out for a while
and then it was time, we walked less than a mile
the guys all got iced treats of various kinds
at the dairy queen, once they made up their minds
then we passed a beer garden, someone doing bad karaoke
but the boys were interested so we stopped in to see
i finally got my canadian beer,
and some of the singers weren't too painful to hear
but ev wanted to sing and eric said he knew
that the epic poem would be better if ev's singing was in too
so we filled out the form and warned the dj
that a boy wanted to sing who was only age 8
and evan went up to looks of surprises
from the adults who were not sure what was in front of their eyeses
"everywhere" started, evan opened his mouth
and his beautiful voice started coming out
he smiled as he sang, he was where he should be
the crowd cheered as he sang, it was a sight to see
and when he was done, he talked to his fans
but we wanted to see fireworks so i quickly took his hand
and led him out to the street where i was surprised to know
the people in the street also enjoyed the show
it was hard to leave his fan club, he is ready for his fame
but i think we will wait, anyway, just the same
we got to the fireworks just as they began
i found a ledge so we could sit, and didnt' have to stand
when the fireworks were over we walked to see the falls lit
they started one color, then they changed and they split
the guys really enjoyed the multicolor lights
to see them happy is one of my favorite sights
then back to the hotel for one final sleep
tomorrow we head home, and this vacation memory we will keep

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2006 by Marci Grossman"