Epic Poem - Toledo, April 2005

At the end of tax season April 2005
We head out of town while my brainís still alive
The trip started out as they usually do
When it was time to leave we had packing to do
Packing before should have really taken place
But then we might have missed a good "CyberChase"
To Tony Packoís despite the construction
The M*A*S*H paraphernalia was quite a seduction
We started with fried pickles and peppers to dine
I had a Killianís, it was really quite fine
Could have a souvenir glass with the beer
But would have to be Miller Lite so no fear
That Tony would lose a glass to Marci that night
I wouldnít drink that crap without putting up a fight!
The boys had mac and cheese, hot dogs for the grown ups
We enjoyed the signed buns on the wall where they shown up
The hotel was great we were on the fifth floor
Even better than that Ė we had COSI next door
Evan really enjoyed his big breakfast buffet
If they hadnít kicked us out heíd still be there today
The breakfast buffet had food good and true
And the Maumee River was a spectacular view.
In the river a big branch did float
In our imaginations it had escaped from a moat
If you looked at it squinty with your head held just right
You could tell the sea serpent was strong with great might
As it drifted past we hoped it would ignore
The easy access that it had to our shore
And of course there was swimming and a hot tub to boot
Ev and Er in their swimsuits are really quite cute
The water was cold, it turned our lips blue
And Evan made friends with the girls that swam too
The COSI was as fine as it always is
A guy chose Evan to solve some puzzle tricks
Evan solved every one and the man was amazed
When Ev walked away, the guyís eyes were glazed
After COSI it was time for the zoo
Even on vacation there is so much to do
The aquarium at the zoo sure made the cut
Because we learned a Sea Apple can breathe through its butt
And a real hammerhead shark well preserved hung above
For some reason thatís a shark that the boys both do love
It was by the frogs Eric lovingly placed
His arm into dadís and looked up at his face
To discover it was the wrong man he had grabbed
The man looked at Eric Ė the nice dad not HIS dad
And said "I have five, there is room for one more"
Eric smiled, Marci laughed and they went to the door
To find Evan and Mark the right dad for this boy
Eric ran to his dad and hugged him with joy
We saw a snow leopard in a tree really high
We werenít sure heíd be able to come down from up nigh
A wise man looked up and said with much glee
"Letís call the firemen to get the cat from the tree:"
The dragon exhibit was bright, colorful, and fun
Showing which dragons are friends and which ones to shun
After the zoo driving to the hotel was a joy
We saw our very first drive-thru Big Boy!
The Mud Hens game was really quite neat
At sporting events whatís a must is to eat
The meal and the drinks, the salt and the sweet
Some of this, some of that, tasting most every treat
Weíre way beyond piggy and well into hog
And we get the ice cream sundae they call the "Cool Dog"
At the baseball game Evan made us quite proud
He led all the cheers, and man was he loud!
Two rows in front were girls that were cute
So Eric strutted his stuff, his horn he did toot
He made friends with them all, those girls from Kentucky
Too far to be babysitters. Not fair! How unlucky!
The Mud Hens played hard; twas a good game to see
But Durham still won Ė final score six to three.
And after the game, the big fireworks display
Itís loud and itís bright, we all shouted "Hooray"
Weíre tired and itís late but we donít walk too far
ĎCause Mark always knows where he left the car
To hotel and to bed, good thing this days through
I am way too tired if there was anymore to do.
We had fun at our hotel and especially COSI
But Sunday for leaving and we really donít know why
For 13 plus years Mark and I traveled together
We have always known on trips to count on the weather
And this trip on our record will not leave a stain
As we started to leave, it started to rain.

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2006 by Marci Grossman"†