Epic Poem - Chicago, February 2006

The trip began differently than any other
We started with a birthday party for Evan’s brother
Eric and some friends took over chuck e cheeses
The pizza was had, the tokens flowing to pleases
It was a good time, wouldn’t have been better
If Mar had writ the right time on the invitation letter
But what’s a good head if not well ventilated
And all the fun meters were quite satiated
After the party we got on the road
And thus begins the story about to be told
We drove for a minute, an hour, a while
Just chilling out as mile became mile
Ok, truth to be told, Mar was wild at the wheel
The time-space-distance computations aren’t really real
And before we knew just what had happened
We look up and found we were in Indiana
To Sally’s doorstep we hastily bound
as we entered the door we quickly found
It was actually as if we had never left
Accepted not like a new friend, not like a guest
Not even a newfound internet pest
We couldn’t have had a better place to refresh
The kids fit together and really had fun
Too soon it was over, too early it was done
We kept passing those times, hard to leave, truth be told
Finally back on the road and to our hotel
We’ve been better places, truth I do tell
Internet access was only through wifi
Leaving us unconnected no matter what we try
Unpacked and unwound it was time for bed
End of day one is what we all said

While the boys were still sleeping I awoke and away
To have coffee with Karen, hang out and just play
The time flew too fast as we spent time at leisure
The boys called awake and ready for adventure
Without much ado and no signs of pain
we didn’t get lost and boarded the metra train
To the city we rode feeling so full of power
We thought we might run up the steps of Sears Tower
Easier said than done as we tried to figure the train of cta
"We’re not smart enough for public transit" is what we now say
the people of Chicago are wonderously helpful
or maybe we truly looked that lost and pitiful?
103rd floor Sears tower, the view was incredible
but after a while we needed to search for things edible
it was totally cold but at least wasn’t snowing
but that didn’t make us feel better walking in freezing wind blowing
we made it the 5 blocks to Shedd’s Aquarium
saw fish most amazing and a man swimming with them
he was answering questions while in with the fish
what a really cool job, I could do that, I WISH!
Walking back to CTA then onto Union Station
To catch Metra Elgin line, right train to get on
Then driving around in hunt of some dinner
Ev wanted Chi dogs and Brown’s was the winner
Back at the hotel Mark and Ev in the pool
Mar and Er chilled on the side, hangin’ out was just cool
Then tucked into bed we said "nighty night"
The snores in our room said we all did sleep tight

Waking up day 3 mostly easy and gently
We took advantange of breakfast, the hotel’s continental
Grabbed our stuff for the day, we’re nobody’s fool
And off to check out things at our "new" local school
We oopsed through a toll booth, wrong entry for cash
For 30 cents would they chase us? We didn’t wait, we dash’d
Onto our meeting, Kara was informative and kind
We drove to a school to see what we’d find
The school was impressive, a good place to learn
We saw room, kids, and teachers our respect they did earn
But time to move on because we had a hunch
That we were getting squirelly and needed some lunch
After food we were looking for a good place to be
What better place to unwind than the local library?
We hung for a while with computers and books
Until our noise and laughter generated not pleasant looks
So onward we went to check out woodfield mall
We walked and walked but could not see it all
Then back to the hotel for same games to regroup
Decided Rainforest café for dinner, back to woodfield, super dupe!
We came back to the pool, the boys swam real well
Then bedtime again, boy, vacation is ….heck

Awoke early with no places, no rushing to feel
Still a few hours before meeting Karen for a morning meal
Down the hall to grab coffee and what did I find
Workmen tearing the front desk down, in front and behind
I guess there is no good time at a 24-7 business
To renovate, paint, redecorate, refurbish
Eventually we were all awake ready and packed
So off to the park to play hide/seek and tag
The restaurant was good and not very far
We ate our fill and scared other patrons away
Gave the waitress stories to tell for the rest of the day
Pics were taken amidst many hugs and goodbyes
And then it really was time to fly
Into the car with the bag given by Karen
Quite full of chocolate, Mar had no plans for sharin’
Back on the road we were ready, set, go
Coins in our hands to randomly throw
At the various tollbooths they place in our way
"must pay the toll trolls" is what they must say

and now safely at home I have started the laundry
much more of this, and back to Chi town I will flea

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"All poetry on these pages Copyright 2004-2006 by Marci Grossman"